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Cayoose Creek Development Corp. Acquires Antares Project Services Ltd.

Cayoose Creek Development Corp. (CCDC) is pleased to announce it has acquired Antares Project Services, an industry leader in planning, development and execution of construction projects for public and private sector clients.  Antares has planned and managed projects across Canada, specializing in hydroelectric facilities & assets, land development and highway construction.

Michelle Edwards, Chief of Cayoose Creek Band (or Sekw’el’was) and CEO for CCDC stated, “The ability to offer project & construction management services and undertake development in our own territory meets the community’s vision for economic growth as well as our desire to create contracting and career opportunities.  This means jobs, not just for Cayoose members and businesses but also for the overall St’at’imc nation and the local community.”  Robert Emlyn will continue as President and CEO of Antares, to lead operations and expand existing business services.  He noted, “As a 100% aboriginal-owned business, Antares Project Services has projects that offer meaningful work.  Career pathways are possible with the Antares team and newcomers to the industry can see first-hand where project management jobs can take them.”  Cayoose Creek Development Corp. also owns subsidiary Splitrock Environmental, an award winning aboriginal business specializing in environmental services, ecological restoration and propagation of native plants.  Chief Edwards further commented, “The addition of Antares Project Services complements our existing corporate portfolio very well.  We welcome all inquiries and new opportunities.”

About Cayoose Creek Band or Sekw’el’was

Cayoose Creek Band or Sekw’el’was is nestled in the middle of the Fraser Canyon, just south of Lillooet, BC on Highway 99.  Sekw’el’was is known as a gathering place for many neighboring nations.  A community of just over 200 people, the people of Sekw’el’was, have survived and thrived through many hardships.  We are proud of who we are and where we come from and our community has a rich history of tool making and trading with other nations.  Sekw’el’was is a member of the St’at’imc nation and the Lillooet Tribal Council.

About Antares Project Services

Antares Project Services ( is a Vancouver-based company formed in 2009 that successfully managed projects across Canada through careful planning and by building trusting relationships with our clients and community. The Antares team has a proven ability to deliver both value and quality through integration of hard work, attention to detail, and a commitment to safety and sustainability.

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