Cayoose Creek Indian Band (CCIB) is currently seeking an ambitious and qualified individual to fill the following position:

Criteria Details
Position Title: Band Administrator
Department: Administration
Status: Full-Time
Responsible to: Chief and Council
Location: N/A
Closing Date: N/A
Hours: 35
Type: N/A

Job Summary

Reporting directly to Chief and Council, the Band Administrator oversees the daily operations of the
Band Office. The Administrator is responsible for the management and delivery of all CCB programs and
services; and ensures that programs are managed according to financial plans and budgets. The
Administrator is the primary liaison between Chief and Council and Administration; and leads
department managers and staff in operationalizing and implementing the strategic direction set by Chief
and Council.

Primary Responsibilities

Management and Operations

  • Leads and directs the day-to-day administrative operations of the Cayoose Creek Band.
  • Leads department managers in operationalizing and implementing the strategic direction
    set by Chief and Council.
  • Communicates effectively and ensures clarity of roles and responsibilities.
  • Ensures staff have the tools, training and resources to accomplish their work; oversees or
    supports recruitment when required.
  • Provides guidance and mentoring to employees and works to resolve any interpersonal
    issues between staff or with community members.
  • Manages and oversees team and employee performance; supports development of
    individual and departmental goals and targets.
  • Provides support and guidance to department managers to ensure a healthy, respectful
    and productive work environment where employees work together to achieve individual,
    departmental and CCB goals.

Chief and Council

  • Supports Council in the delivery of CCB’s strategic plan and goals.
  • Responds to Council and community Requests for Information in a timely and professional
  • Makes recommendations to Council for amendments to existing policy and development
    of new policy where required.
  • Provides reports and recommendations for changes or improvements to programs and
    services, infrastructure, capital projects and housing.
  • Oversees the proper execution, recording and filing of Band Council Resolutions.
  • Supports the development of Council-specific operating budget including honorariums,
    communications, travel, and other expenses incurred by Council.
  • Manages documents, Council records, file management and resources required for

Council meetings and operations.

  •  Oversight of contractors and specialist resources such as accounting, legal and other
    advisory services as required for Community or Council operations.
  • Support or manage all communications required between Council, the community or
    external parties.

Financial Oversight

  • Ensures adherence to accounting procedures as defined by external auditors, ISC,
    lenders and other funding partners.
  • Provides oversight of CCB’s finances including annual budget preparation, cost control,
    cash management and accountability. Ensures financial risks are mitigated.
  • Works in collaboration with the Finance Manager to provide regular financial reports and
    updates to Chief and Council.
  • Responsible for all reporting and communication requirements to external funders such
    as ISC, lenders, government funding sources.
  • Develop budgets, monitors and reports usage of Own Source Revenue (OSR) funds
    including but not limited to tax revenues, pillar applications, discretionary spending and

Community Relations and Communications

  • Builds and maintains positive relationships with CCB members.
  • Receives and responds (or delegates response) to inquiries or Requests for Information
    from all members in a timely manner.
  • Ensures effective community engagement and communication with regard to CCB
    programs and services.
  • Develops and posts social media content including notices, announcements, invitations
    for community events and interests.
  • Ensures confidentiality of sensitive information and disclosure by members.
  • Ensures all communications are provided in a timely and professional manner.
  • Maintains a communication and activity log.

Cayoose Creek Development Corporation, as required:

  • Liaises and coordinates with CCDC and its entities with respect to funding, training and
  • Tracks and maintains awareness of anticipated and ongoing projects as well as
    scheduling-related needs of CCDC businesses.
  • Communicates project-based needs of CCB to CCDC.
  • Facilitates capacity and resource-sharing with CCDC.
  • Prepares grant applications and seeks funding, as appropriate.

Other External Relations

  • Negotiates, reviews and approves relevant agreements, contracts and proposals within
    the scope of CCB’s authority and jurisdiction and strictly as directed by Council.
  • Explores, reviews and pursues funding streams.
  • Manages strategies and processes for navigating and evaluating major projects that
    impact CCB.
  • Develops and maintains positive relationships with Federal, Provincial, and Municipal
    governments, CCB and CCDC business partners, and other agencies and organizations.
  • Represents CCB at various meetings and other functions.
  • Other related duties as assigned.

Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Excellent leadership skills and the ability to lead and manage a team of managers and
    staff providing a variety of programs and services.
  • Excellent understanding of Respectful Workplace and Lateral Violence prevention.
  • Solid understanding of WorkSafeBC and OHS requirements.
  • Ability to oversee, manage and monitor the implementation of various initiatives, program
    changes and projects.
  • Ability to assess operational needs and effectively troubleshoot and optimize resources.
  • Strong understanding of infrastructure planning and development at a municipal or
    community level.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills as well as the ability to make effective
  • Thorough working knowledge of accounting and finance.
  • Intermediate proficiency level in Microsoft Office.
  • Reciprocal network of senior-level contacts within federal, provincial and municipal
    governments, other First Nations organizations, funding agencies and in the non-profit

Training, Education, and Experience

  • At least 8-10 years in a senior management role, preferably in band management and administration; 5+ experience as a Band Administrator is strongly preferred
  • University degree, a graduate degree preferred, in business or public administration, or
  • Knowledge of the seasoned experience with the Indian Act, other relevant legislation,
    and Cayoose Creek Indian Band and First Nations history and culture.
  • Class 5 Driver’s license.
  • Valid criminal record (CPIC) check and Child Welfare Information System (CWIS) check.
  • Conflict resolution training for public or workplace environments.
  • No previous terminations, dismissals, claims or employment issues with CCB, CCDC and
    its entities or any CCB partner entities.

How to Apply

Please send resumes to