Notice of Potential Emergency Works August 28th


Attention Community Members, Due to the wildfire hazards and impacts to Bridge River Generation, BC Hydro is preparing for operational changes at Seton Generating Facility. Specifically, BC Hydro is monitoring the water temperature and will trigger a water diversion from the creek into the Upper and Lower Spawning Channels (instead of from the Canal) if the temperature rises too high. BC Hydro is working with Splitrock Environmental, Antares Construction and Canadian Dewatering to plan and prepare for this emergency works. On Monday, August 28th pumping and conveyance equipment, will be installed and tested at both the Upper and Lower Spawning [...]

Notice of Potential Emergency Works August 28th2023-08-28T15:27:22-07:00

Lytton First Nation Evacuation Order (Wildfire)


August 22, 2023  Pursuant to Nlaka'pamux jurisdiction and the authority of Lytton First Nation Chief and Council, the Evacuation Order for fire K.71634 Stein Mountain fire is being EXPANDED due to immediate danger to life and safety due to an uncontrolled wildfire to include the following Indian Reserves: SEAH IR 5 LYTTON IRSA NESIKEP IR6 NESIKEP IR6A YOU MUST LEAVE THESE AREAS IMMEDIATELY Download complete PDF Evacuation Route Evacuation route is north to Lillooet on the Westside/North Spencer Road. Muster Area Lillooet Friendship Center - Kate Aleck. Lytton First Nation ESS support Bobbi McKay [...]

Lytton First Nation Evacuation Order (Wildfire)2023-08-24T12:27:22-07:00

Cayoose Creek Air Quality Health Alert (Wildfires)


Dear community members, We want to bring your attention to a significant air quality concern in our area due to nearby wildfires. The smoke and particles from wildfires can pose health risks, particularly for individuals with preexisting respiratory conditions, children, the elderly, and pregnant women. It is crucial to take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones during this period of poor air quality. Key Recommendations from health experts include: Stay Informed – stay updated on local air quality reports. Limit Outdoor Activities - minimize outdoor activities, especially strenuous exercises, to reduce exposure to smoky air. Stay Indoors [...]

Cayoose Creek Air Quality Health Alert (Wildfires)2023-08-21T14:24:03-07:00

Cayoose Creek – Emergency Notice Regarding Wildfires


Dear community members, As you may already be aware, the Province declared a State of Emergency on August 18th to support ongoing response and recovery efforts caused by wildfire. This enabled the Province to restrict travel to specific areas as needed. Non-essential travel, including use of accommodations, is restricted in: Kelowna & West Kelowna Kamloops Oliver Osoyoos Penticton Vernon This will ensure that accommodations are accessible for evacuees and emergency responders, and will remain in effect until September 4, 2023. In the event our community requires evacuation, Council would like to reassure you that we have an emergency and [...]

Cayoose Creek – Emergency Notice Regarding Wildfires2023-08-21T14:21:37-07:00
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