The Community Health Program works in conjunction with the First Nations Health to provide assistance to the community members for the following:

  • Travel for out of town referral medical appointments
  • Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative
  • Brighter Futures
  • Mental Health Crisis Management
  • Solvent Abuse Program
  • Pre-Natal Nutrition Program
  • Drinking Water Safety Program
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness Program
  • Brighter Futures
  • Home & Community Care

Home Care Aid

The Home Care Aid provides a health care and support services to community elders.

The Home Care Aid supports aid through:

  • Travel to appointment’s (local)
  • Home visits

Our services add to, but do not replace, your efforts to care for yourself with help from family, friends and the broader community.


Shonna Jacob
Health / Social Development Director
250-256-4136 EXT 215

Seataesca Andrew
Community Health Representative
(250)256-4136 Ext 215

Shirley Alec
Home Support Worker
(250)256-4136 Ext 214

Krista Frank
Adults In-Home Care
(250)256-4136 Ext 214

Phyllis Doss
Day Care Coordinator

Brianne Edwards
Day Care Assistant