August 22, 2023 

Pursuant to Nlaka’pamux jurisdiction and the authority of Lytton First Nation Chief and Council, the Evacuation Order for fire K.71634 Stein Mountain fire is being EXPANDED due to immediate danger to life and safety due to an uncontrolled wildfire to include the following Indian Reserves:

  • SEAH IR 5


Evacuation Route

Evacuation route is north to Lillooet on the Westside/North Spencer Road.

Muster Area

Lillooet Friendship Center – Kate Aleck.

Lytton First Nation ESS support

Bobbi McKay at 778-254-9754

  • Take an emergency survival / grab and go kit with you.
  • Make sure you take prescription medicines and identification for the entire family.
  • Listen to the radio and follow instructions from local emergency officials.
  • If you are instructed to do so, shut off water, gas and electricity.
  • Make an-angements for your pets. Local emergency officials will advise you.
  • Wear clothes and shoes appropriate for the conditions.
  • Shut your windows and lock your home.
  • Follow the routes specified by emergency officials. Don’t take shortcuts. A shoticut could take you to a blocked or dangerous area.
  • If you have time, contact others family members letting them know when you left and where you went.
  • If you are evacuated, register with the local ESS emergency reception center closest to you.

Further information will be issued when available.

Chief, Lytton First Nation

This evacuation order will remain in force until further notice, unless cancelled by order of the Lytton First Nation.