Brad Gilbert

Dear community members,

We are thrilled to announce a new addition to our community. Please join us in welcoming Brad Gilbert as our Band Administrator.

Brad comes to us with extensive experience in municipal community services, First Nations government experience, and economic development, having worked for a number of municipalities across the country, most recently in a management role at the District of Lillooet.

He has also worked with many First Nations, including Sioux Lookout, Fort Liard, and notably as Director of Community and Social Development for Cook’s Ferry Indian Band.

In his career, Brad has helped raise over $3 million in grants from government agencies and corporate sponsors and is looking forward to bringing that success to the benefit of all band members.

For Cayoose Creek, Brad will oversee the daily operations of the Band Office and be responsible for the management and delivery of all CCB programs and services. He will also ensure` all programs are managed according to financial plans and budgets. Brad will be reporting to Chief Bonnie and will be the primary liaison between Chief and Council and Administration. In addition, he will lead department managers and staff in operationalizing and implementing the strategic direction set by Chief and Council.

We are excited to have Brad on board and look forward to working with him for the betterment of our community.

Please feel free to introduce yourselves to him and extend a warm welcome to Brad as he embarks on this new journey with us.

Thank you.


Chief Bonnie Adolph