Attention Community Members,

Due to the wildfire hazards and impacts to Bridge River Generation, BC Hydro is preparing for operational changes at Seton Generating Facility. Specifically, BC Hydro is monitoring the water temperature and will trigger a water diversion from the creek into the Upper and Lower Spawning Channels (instead of from the Canal) if the temperature rises too high.

BC Hydro is working with Splitrock Environmental, Antares Construction and Canadian Dewatering to plan and prepare for this emergency works. On Monday, August 28th pumping and conveyance equipment, will be installed and tested at both the Upper and Lower Spawning Channel. The equipment will be kept out of the water on standby. Environmental monitors, including fish technicians, will be present to mitigate environmental risks. Currently, it is expected that the standby procedure will be a duration of 5-10 days. Further notice will be provided if there are any changes.

Questions to:

Construction Lead: AJ Hopkins

Environmental Lead: Kaleb Ledoux

Council: Jess Hopkins