July 25, 2023 –

Dear Sekw’el’was community members, 

We are actively monitoring wildfire activity in the Texas Creek area, approximately 40 km from our community, with the BC Wildfire Service. 

We are in close contact with T’it’q’et leadership team and the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, who is responsible for issuing any evacuation alerts or orders. At this time, no alert or order has been issued for Cayoose Creek.  

Everyone has a role to play to help reduce the risk of wildfire in our community, and to be prepared in case the situation changes. 

Be safe 

Due to the proximity of this wildfire, stay indoors if you can, keep doors and windows closed to prevent smoke inhalation, and use air purifiers if you have one. 

Protect your home 

BC FireSmart offers tips to decrease the risk of wildfire damaging your home. 

  • Move firewood, woodpiles and other combustible materials (eg. stored vehicles) more than 10-30 metres from home. 
  • Prune trees to create a two-meter clearance from the ground to the lowest branches. 
  • Clean under your stairs to remove any combustible material.  Establish a 1.5 metre non-combustible zone around the perimeter of the house and deck. 
  • Clean and maintain gutters and roofs. Keep decks and balconies clear of leaves and debris. 
  • Keep grass and weeds cut below 10 centimetres and remove flammable vegetation. 
  • Any combustible fuel source (propane, oil, gas) should be stored on a non-combustible surface. 


Be prepared 

If an evacuation alert is issued, get prepared to leave your home on short notice. Get your grab-and-go bags ready (which should include several days of clothing, toiletries, medications, pet food and supplies), your emergency plan, copies of important documents and important mementos. If you have large animals (such as horses or cows), consider removing animals from the area during an evacuation alert stage.  

Listen to local emergency officials for further information on the situation. 

If an evacuation order is issued, leave the area immediately.  

  • Turn off air conditioning 
  • Turn off your home water and electricity  
  • Close all doors, garage doors and windows.  

Follow the directions of local emergency officials and evacuate using the route(s) they’ve identified. Do not return home until you’ve been advised that the Evacuation Order has been rescinded. For those needing additional support, an Emergency Support Services Reception Centre may be opened. 

The government of Canada’s get prepared website also has information on protecting pets and service animals during an emergency. 

We will continue to update you through the Cayoose Creek website and official Facebook page Sekwelwas Cayoose Creek. We also encourage you to stay informed through the local news and radio. 

Additional information on wildfire preparedness can be found at https://wildfireready.gov.bc.ca/, and we strongly encourage you to visit FSC_Wildfire Evac Checklist.indd (firesmartbc.ca) for checklist on how to protect your home and property from wildfires. 


Chief Bonnie Adolph